Stealth-X ZS

The all-new eMotiv Stealth-X ZS is about to make electric waves!
Get ready for the Urban street bike that the world has been waiting for.

True Street Style

It’s time to make electric sexy. Introducing the world’s first real street style electric motorcycle. A high-performance machine should have a high-performance image.


Performance Machine

Just because it’s an urban bike doesn’t mean it’s weak. The Stealth-X ZS is propelled by a 10KW direct-drive powerhouse capable of speeds up to 80mph.


Are you ready for the electric era?

Environment Friendly

You don’t have to hug a tree to show the world you care. An eMotiv works just as well.

0% APR Financing

Ride now, pay later. We are teamed with Klarna to give you super easy financing that won’t break the bank.

Zero Maintenance

One of the best things about going electric. No more oil changes, gas fillups, and expensive engine repairs.

Free Test Drives

The fun part! Schedule an in-person demo of any of our products. We’ll be happy to show you around.

Full Warranty

All eMotiv products are backed by a 30-day guarantee and 1-year warranty on the drivetrain. Ride with peace of mind.

Effortless in traffic

eMotiv makes vehicles to make your life easier, especially in daily commutes. Avoid the traffic, get an eMotiv.

Electric bikes we offer

Check out our line of awesome electric solutions. There’s something here for practically any lifestyle.

2019 Stealth-X ZS Streek Bike

  • 10KW High Performance Motor
  • Up to 100 miles (City) with extended PowerPod
  • Advanced Regeneration system
  • Fast Charger option coming soon

2019 eMotiv Breeze Beach Cruiser

  • 3KW Direct Drive motor
  • Bluetooth speaker system(Optional)
  • ~20 miles per charge (Standard equipment)
  • 24mph top speed

2019 eMotiv-8 Super Scooter

  • World’s quickest electric scooter!
  • 6KW radial motor provides intense acceleration
  • Up to 30 miles (City)
  • 60 MPH stop speed


0% APR Financing

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