Stealth-X ZS

Street stylin’ fully electric urban bike

The eMotiv Stealth series is coming soon, bringing high performance to your everyday urban commute. We will be accepting pre-orders starting Jan 6th. Mark your calendars!

Changing the face of electric

eMotiv’s mission is to help usher in the coming era of all-electric transportation while retaining style and elegance and making electric vehicles accessible to everybody. Our goal is to make electric sexy and blur the lines between gas style and electric performance.


Up to 100 miles on a full charge using the optional 6KW extended range PowerPod. Latest in regeneration charging makes city stop and go driving effortless.


10KW Peak Radial Electric Direct-Drive Powerhouse. Lightweight design and high-performance electronics pushes the eMotiv Stealth-X up to 80MPH.


Quick and easy, plug in at home, work, or anywhere there’s an outlet. Full charge costs less than $1.

Custom ordering is now live!